Cheers to the Fall - Andra Day

Cheers to the Fall

Andra Day

Genre: R&B/Soul
Released: 2015-08-28
Songs: 13
Cheers to the Fall - Andra Day
Title Artist Length
1 Andra Day 3:19
2 Andra Day 3:24
3 Andra Day 3:45
4 Andra Day 3:53
5 Andra Day 3:34
6 Andra Day 4:26
7 Andra Day 4:04
8 Andra Day 3:47
9 Andra Day 3:18
10 Andra Day 3:31
11 Andra Day 4:13
12 Andra Day 4:53
13 Andra Day 3:46
  • Rise up

    By unicorcute❤️
    U did so good and it was true I loved it and u have a great voice

  • I rise up

    By Shtjsjafjskr
    This song is by far the best song I’ve heard from Rihanna in a while!

  • It's a great album...but

    By nikinu
    It's a great album...but she sure sounds like Amy Winehouse on a lot of it.

  • Ok

    By Naor13
    Out of 13 songs I only love one “rise up” and it’s such a powerful song

  • Phenomenal

    By Ramsey2000
    I have no words that adequately express how I feel about this woman's exquisite voice.

  • Amazing!

    By Alcaponeissmoothcriminal
    Her voice is like a mixture of two of my favorite artists: Rihanna and sia. You can disagree but it's just my opinion. She's really talented. I guess you could say her music is really starting to "Rise up"🤗

  • Amazing

    By Bee in CT
    I just became aware of Andra after watching her on the Bee Gees tribute. She was by far the best performer. I just bought this album & am hopelessly in love with her voice. Reminds me of Nancy Wilson or Dinah Washington. Amazing singer. I cant get enough.

  • Amazing voice

    By Jwolffstar
    Great songs, excellent vocal range, passionate and powerful singer !

  • Beautifully Perfect!

    By Sopheina
    I love music with all my heart and this song "Rise Up" is the most beautiful and inspirational song I've ever heard! The voice of this lady is amazing and to be honest I don't think I would feel the same way about it if anyone else had sung it. She is a power house, the vocals, the music, it's just perfect!

  • Brady likes weiner

    By Sad falcons fan
    I recommend rise up for mourning Falcons fans