Hits - Dru Hill


Dru Hill

Genre: R&B/Soul
Released: 2005-01-01
Songs: 17
Hits - Dru Hill
Title Artist Length
1 Dru Hill 4:13
2 Dru Hill 3:55
3 Dru Hill 4:06
4 Foxy Brown 3:51
5 Dru Hill 4:43
6 Dru Hill 4:52
7 Dru Hill 3:48
8 Dru Hill 4:06
9 Dru Hill 5:32
10 Dru Hill 4:29
11 Dru Hill 4:09
12 Dru Hill 4:23
13 Dru Hill 3:34
14 Dru Hill 4:11
15 Sisqó 4:06
16 Sisqó 4:33
17 Dru Hill 4:02
  • I just Love them

    By Nikkinicewife
    My Favorite Group. I just love them.

  • 80s Babie

    By Lbrown89
    Love them & all of these songs!!!

  • One star for a reason

    By kiratated
    I love the album I love all the songs I have most of the songs already but decided to purchase one of my favorites that wasn't included in my library. That would be the thong song remix with Foxy Brown. However the one song does not feature Foxy at all the preview doesn't even play up to her part for me to double check it. And since I already have the original thong song, I have no need for this so called remix. The one star review is for attention. shame on you Apple for not having the proper title and music to match.

  • LOVE IT!

    By SheyShizzle
    If you love Dru Hill, you'll love this album! All my faves!!!

  • Throwback

    By 614 chick
    Can never forget Dru Hill.... I know every song by heart. I wish they make a come back.