Legacy: The Greatest Hits Collection (Deluxe Edition) - Boyz II Men

Legacy: The Greatest Hits Collection (Deluxe Edition)

Boyz II Men

Genre: R&B/Soul
Released: 2003-01-01
Songs: 34
Legacy: The Greatest Hits Collection (Deluxe Edition) - Boyz II Men
Title Artist Length
1 Boyz II Men 3:56
2 Boyz II Men 2:48
3 Boyz II Men 5:49
4 Boyz II Men 2:49
5 LL Cool J 4:44
6 Boyz II Men 3:56
7 Boyz II Men 5:29
8 Boyz II Men 3:21
9 Boyz II Men & Mariah Carey 4:41
10 Boyz II Men 5:30
11 Boyz II Men 4:52
12 Boyz II Men 5:01
13 Boyz II Men 4:29
14 Boyz II Men 4:28
15 Boyz II Men 3:48
16 Boyz II Men 4:35
17 Brandy & Wanya Morris 4:29
18 Boyz II Men 5:40
19 Boyz II Men 4:58
20 Boyz II Men 4:14
21 Boyz II Men 4:13
22 Boyz II Men 4:36
23 Boyz II Men 5:29
24 Boyz II Men 4:50
25 Boyz II Men 4:32
26 Boyz II Men 4:40
27 Boyz II Men 4:38
28 Boyz II Men & Prince Line 5:05
29 Shawn Stockman 4:31
30 Boyz II Men & Chanté Moore 3:59
31 Boyz II Men 4:23
32 Boyz II Men 4:52
33 Boyz II Men 4:22
34 Boyz II Men 4:05
  • Classics

    By uncjoe
    Endless classics. Always will be.

  • Boys 2 Men is great

    By KbCheetah
    Boys 2 Men are a great group of singers. I like their music and I love the song. End of the Road that is my favorite song by them.

  • Voices of Angels

    By gb0923
    I was 10 years old in 1995 when Boyz II Men was a huge act. They were about as famous as Mariah Carey and everyone loved them for one reason - they sang like angels. They had the most beautiful harmony and they also had great songs. This album is a masterpiece - one of my top albums ever. People need to remember these guys more!

  • When music was real

    By 03OneShot17
    What a group.

  • So Hard to Say Goodbye!!

    By Chris91707
    A great song and can make you reminisce on all of the good times!

  • Timeless

    By reevus mitchell
    Some songs are written&produced....then there are others that are "Born" to live forever!! Plz don't go away is the living testament of the latter.

  • Broken-hearted

    By Melissa15473
    Buy the whole album for Broken-hearted?

  • Best ever

    By Cris004
    My favorite R&B group ever!! Live them!

  • those were the days....

    By leader0001
    Boyz ll Men take me back to my high school days one of the greatest r&b groups EVER,alot of memories go along with their music. But why can't I get one of my favorite songs of all time without getting this whole album, Brandy and Wanye's remix of Brandy's song Brokenhearted is a Classi,c if you've never heard it your missing out, the video actually goes great with the song, but why can't I just get the song? They knew people would want it and that's one of the main reasons they released this cd real sneaky Universal

  • Best group ever

    By TheoneandonlyMaddelena
    Motown philly is there best song. “Motownphilly back again!"