Legacy: The Greatest Hits Collection - Boyz II Men

Legacy: The Greatest Hits Collection

Boyz II Men

Genre: R&B/Soul
Released: 2001-01-01
Songs: 13
Legacy: The Greatest Hits Collection - Boyz II Men
Title Artist Length
1 Boyz II Men 3:56
2 Boyz II Men 2:47
3 Boyz II Men 5:49
4 Boyz II Men 2:49
5 LL Cool J 4:44
6 Boyz II Men 4:04
7 Boyz II Men 5:29
8 Boyz II Men 3:20
9 Boyz II Men & Mariah Carey 4:39
10 Boyz II Men 5:30
11 Boyz II Men 4:52
12 Boyz II Men 5:01
13 Boyz II Men 4:26
  • 5 STARS

    By ry937
    Its Boyz II Men's Greatest Hits!... Nothing more needs to be said. If you didnt give this 5 stars you should stop listening to music.

  • Timeless hits

    By TJPelland20
    I'm 15 years old and I was born in 2000. Boyz II Men combines classic R&B that can still be shared and connect to people of my generation, the generation behind me as well as future generations to come!

  • Real music

    By Anberu chan
    These men were the definition of music and spoken word. Always the best!

  • Grew up listening to them!

    By Kia769
    I love these guys! Won't disappoint!

  • Flashback!!

    By MichaelP2
    Oh my, Highschool memories!!!

  • The Best

    By Sheila777
    Will always be a classic and is still popular with everyone! Love love love!!

  • Best make group of all time

    By Snazziejazzy
    Love it!!! The best ever!!

  • The boys rock

    By fluffysue31
    It's like wow !!!!!!!

  • Super

    By Suheld
    Great memories

  • You won't regret buying this.

    By KRisSTEeN
    You don't get music like this today. They are amazing!