Essential Collection: Four Tops - Four Tops

Essential Collection: Four Tops

Four Tops

Genre: R&B/Soul
Released: 2000-01-01
Songs: 24
Essential Collection: Four Tops - Four Tops
Title Artist Length
1 Four Tops 2:45
2 Four Tops 2:48
3 Four Tops 2:45
4 Four Tops 2:46
5 Four Tops 3:02
6 Four Tops 2:39
7 Four Tops 2:44
8 Four Tops 3:02
9 Four Tops 2:45
10 Four Tops 2:51
11 Four Tops 2:52
12 Four Tops 3:14
13 Four Tops 2:52
14 Four Tops 3:40
15 Four Tops 3:06
16 Four Tops 3:00
17 Four Tops 3:28
18 Four Tops 3:02
19 Four Tops 3:31
20 Four Tops 3:33
21 Four Tops 3:49
22 Four Tops 3:25
23 Four Tops 4:23
24 Four Tops 3:59
  • Core Music Baby

    By AmblerPA
    If you were a kid in the late 60's in Philly, these guys were Gods! MoTown Rules Forever.

  • Classic.

    By Tyler P Supa G
    Wonderful way to spend money. Can't beat these guys !

  • Essential Collection: Four Tops

    By Jarl Borg
    Lousy acoustics. Tinny, cheap reproduction. Don't waste your money.

  • Bluberryhill

    By Saluki 86
    As a 60s musisican, from the other side of the tracks (a long hair hippie type), the Four Tops were the only Motown group I would listen to without fear of reprisal from my friends. Great Group, Great Talent. Sure do miss the sixties whith such great music.

  • Poor quality; "Reach Out, I

    By BCDJr
    Purchased the cut "Reach Out, I'll Be There" only, not the entire album. Found the quality of the recording to be laughable; it sounds like Apple placed an handheld recorder next to a 45rpm turntable and "let'er rip". Vocals and bass very fuzzy and I swear I thought I heard "scratches", as may be from a vinyl recording. Sounds as though there was no attempt to clean an old recording, before presenting it for sale. A real shame.

  • Baby I need your loving

    By Tulsacarolyn
    I paid for this song and never got it.

  • Reach Out

    By boomin9
    This is a classic song & great arrangement but the recording is very poor.

  • Reach Out I'll Be There

    By leetryingtofindanicknamethatworks
    I downloaded 'Reach Out I'll Be There' only, from the Essential Collection. Love the song but it's not a good recording. Fuzzy distortion when I play back. Would recommend another version

  • This tops

    By Digital Suicide
    This album is great. There's nothing like great oldies and this cd brings that to the table. The music certainly reflects the time in which it was made - throughout their careers. As the years progress (through the album) the sound and style of their music changes. I'm pretty sure this collection makes up about 30% of oldies station's music playlist across the nation. This is a great piece of music history to own.

  • WOW!!!!

    By muzikman123
    I just read that lead singer Levi Stubbs died last night!