Zapp & Roger: All the Greatest Hits - Zapp & Roger

Zapp & Roger: All the Greatest Hits

Zapp & Roger

Genre: R&B/Soul
Released: 1993-09-28
Songs: 17
Zapp & Roger: All the Greatest Hits - Zapp & Roger
Title Artist Length
1 Zapp & Roger 5:12
2 Zapp & Roger 2:43
3 Zapp & Roger 6:48
4 Zapp & Roger 3:35
5 Zapp & Roger 5:17
6 Zapp & Roger 5:13
7 Zapp & Roger 3:45
8 Zapp & Roger 3:59
9 Zapp & Roger 4:15
10 Zapp & Roger 3:28
11 Zapp & Roger 5:08
12 Zapp & Roger 4:44
13 Zapp & Roger 3:08
14 Zapp & Roger 4:09
15 Zapp & Roger 4:27
16 Zapp & Roger 5:11
17 Zapp & Roger 4:08

    By artistrobertstewart
    I like what I heard.

  • Roger The Great

    By OzMustafa
    Anytime this guy touched a remix, he absolutely nailed it but to truley know Roger you need to listen to this album. An all time classic, no wonder 2Pac, Dr Dre, Hammer all wanted to work with him. These songs are still being sampled everywhere. RIP Roger Troutman

  • One of the best

    By Azteca 619 controla
    Been bumpin' this since back in the 90s when I was in middle school. This classic music never gets old as time passes.

  • Smooth as it gets!

    By JohnJay1231
    I first heard Zapp & Roger while watching that old Sinbad show on HBO. I watched it many times just to hear these guys, I loved their sound so much. It just doesn't get any smoother than this album!

  • Hi

    By Haymaker2002


    I grew up listening to this music at summer bbqs in the backyards or crusin around the neighborhood! Best music! Love Roger!!

  • all songs that are downloaded

    By ihiyyi phone
    horrible sound and lyrics heard on in record.

  • Nostalgia if you grew up in the 80's

    By 1Stunner
    This album is my childhood memory... I remember being woke up to do the cabbage patch, running man and the wop to this music. Zapp and Roger were a hit from low riders to skating rinks....and even still today.T pain even jumped on board to join in with the voice box. It's so sad that all that talent was waisted from hatred of brothers...God bless their souls!! You buy this album, you re- live the early 90's when Yo MTV raps was the nightlight of the day. You'd go straight home and not touch homework until you saw it.... I miss those days! Love it, buy it!!!!

  • good stuff

    By 2Tone Pete
    i been playing this album ever since i heard computer love on menace to society!!! ahah good movie n good album

  • Roger & Zapp

    By Quarterbacker
    Outstanding! What more need to be said. RIP-Roger