Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite - Maxwell

Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite


Genre: R&B/Soul
Released: 1996-02-22
Songs: 12
Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite - Maxwell
Title Artist Length
1 Maxwell 2:41
2 Maxwell 5:17
3 Maxwell 4:17
4 Maxwell 5:46
5 Maxwell 6:15
6 Maxwell 6:56
7 Maxwell 3:45
8 Maxwell 6:21
9 Maxwell 4:53
10 Maxwell 4:48
11 Maxwell 6:00
12 Maxwell 1:41
  • Birth Uncontrollable

    By ACF19812011
    If you need to create a child, this album is the one that’ll get you knocked up!

  • A Masterpiece

    By Peaches1492a
    What can I say... This album right here is truly a work of art. I continue to listen to it 21 years later. This was my introduction to greatness. Thank you Maxwell for blessing us with this iconic and timeless album. It has truly changed my life.


    By Kaywesttt
    It's an amazing body of work and he was on 23 ! Omg such a great album must buy it

  • Best Neo-Soul Albim of the 90s

    By Maxwell Holiday
    Maxwell is masterful in this album. I can listen to this album in 2016 and be struck by the sound and vocals. Love it.

  • Umm

    By Coco-cure
    Where are his other albums?

  • Classic Neo Soul Joint

    This album flows from beginning to end. Timeless cd and and is an all-time classic.

  • Classic Certified ******

    By 5Velvetty
    The Soul Artist & Recording Of 1996, according to the platinum sells. Not only that, but the most of us bought it twice, love love the music.

  • Creator

    By Rocco Babe
    My Ex Favorite Artist...

  • Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite

    By AC31978
    This album revived R&B for sure. This came out my senior year in high school and it's in constant rotation at my house. You can listen and hear his artistic inspirations but you can hear Maxwell as well. You can mention soul music without mentioning Maxwell. And you can't think of stellar albums with mentioning Urban Hang Suite.

  • Pivotal Album in My Life

    By SeauxGood
    This album was released the summer I got my first job, working at Sam Goody Music. The "Neo-soul" sound had me hooked immediately. This will always be one of my favorites.