Greatest Hits - Mariah Carey

Greatest Hits

Mariah Carey

Genre: R&B/Soul
Released: 2001-12-03
Songs: 28
Greatest Hits - Mariah Carey
Title Artist Length
1 Mariah Carey 3:29
2 Mariah Carey 3:48
3 Mariah Carey 4:06
4 Mariah Carey 4:49
5 Mariah Carey 4:08
6 Mariah Carey 4:26
7 Mariah Carey 5:07
8 Mariah Carey 4:24
9 Mariah Carey 3:54
10 Mariah Carey 4:17
11 Mariah Carey 3:34
12 Mariah Carey 4:26
13 Luther Vandross 4:20
14 Mariah Carey 4:04
15 Mariah Carey 4:40
16 Mariah Carey 4:17
17 Mariah Carey 4:00
18 Mariah Carey 3:33
19 Mariah Carey 4:59
20 Mariah Carey 4:33
21 Mariah Carey 3:50
22 Mariah Carey 4:22
23 Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston 4:33
24 Mariah Carey 3:54
25 Mariah Carey 4:45
26 Mariah Carey 4:17
27 Mariah Carey 4:32
28 Mariah Carey 3:43
  • Yes

    By fuckbook:)
    Yes please email me for data


    By ad cap lover
    Oh my bacon bits Without you = 🤯🤯🤯

  • The entire album is just amazing

    By orlysud
    All the songs practically, touch my heart profoundly. A must have❤️

  • Mariah Carey is one of my favorite singers ever

    By KbCheetah
    Mariah Carey is a great, inspiring, amazing, and awesome singer. I love all of her music. She is one one of my all time favorite singes ever and she is really pretty.

  • Best Greatest Hits Album of All Time

    By Kingg_J
    Truly her best songs. A vocal journey from start to finish!

  • Fantastic!

    By Eddie Gimeno
    Amazing like always, love Mariah!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    By theofish_L
    This is the music that any and everyone loves. The music that plays from the most heavenly subject God can possibly find to project these feelings. The music that plays on your way to heaven. The music that plays to help you get through any situation in life and celebrate it as well. I love you MC! Also I find it funny how you Eminem had a scuffle he's like the rap version of MC the greatest of all time that are still young and beautiful.

  • Songbird

    By Positivelyunique
    Mariah has a true and unique voice. So beautiful to listen, especially when she hits her high notes. I love all her songs some more than others, I am so happy I found the album. You are my Songbird, Mariah.

  • Love songs, but...

    Without you has parts where her voice is a machine. Love the live version, dislike album version.

  • A True Mucisian

    By gb0923
    The career of Mariah Carey is impeccable and legendary. She had so much music to release that she made an album every year in the 90s. She was Sony/Columbia's top selling act of the 90s. Adele is big right now and also was big when 21 was released. Mariah was the Adele of the 90s, though their music is completely different. Her music has only gotten better with each release. Why did they put that version of AIWFCIY on here? I guess I respect what Mariah wanted to do with the song. I hope she gets true promotion now that she is back with Sony Music again. This is a great collection of songs. Mariah has a good 20 songs that could have been singles that weren't.