H.E.R. - H.E.R.



Genre: R&B/Soul
Released: 2017-10-20
Songs: 21
H.E.R. - H.E.R.
Title Artist Length
1 H.E.R. 3:45
2 H.E.R. 3:34
3 H.E.R. 4:57
4 H.E.R. 3:39
5 H.E.R. 2:52
6 H.E.R. 3:38
7 H.E.R. 3:20
8 H.E.R. 2:58
9 H.E.R. 2:40
10 H.E.R. 3:29
11 H.E.R. 3:33
12 H.E.R. 5:04
13 H.E.R. 3:18
14 H.E.R. 3:08
15 H.E.R. 3:08
16 H.E.R. 3:05
17 H.E.R. 2:49
18 H.E.R. 2:15
19 H.E.R. 2:59
20 H.E.R. 4:09
21 H.E.R. 3:30
  • ❤️❤️

    By Sanaa.niomi
    her music is the music you vibe to when you’re in your own mood , i love her sooo much

  • ✨✨✨

    By quannie da bae slayer.
    just the best. soul-baring r&b that we all need.

  • Most amazing album of 2017

    By The REAL 👑 Elizabeth
    I fell in love with this album when traveling. Best Part made me recognize the love i’ve yet to experience. This album is sooo blissful, emotional, sexual, lustful from start to finish!

  • Finally!!!!!!!! An awesome modern r&b album!!!

    By Michael Madd™
    It’s about time! This album is perfect to have playing at a dinner party or even a resturant. Super chill. This girls voice is dope!! The tracks are on point. 100% of the 2017’s best albums! I’m wondering why so few people know about this album / artist!?!! I find myself constantly educating / putting people on to it. Once they listen they are always hooked. Looking forward to more music from H.e.r. No pun intended.

  • Well I am Amazed

    By Yman27
    This youjng female drops a Heavy Album that most artist cannot do anymore, she is killing it with this album, i mean i am 46 listening to this young sista telling her tales and facts...she is a definate keep in this music game....100+1

  • Amazing Album!

    By Loczstl
    God given talent! Amazing album!

  • Wow. Something new and fresh!!!!!

    By bigsyn
    Amazing!!!! 10 Stars!!!!!!!

  • WOW

    By bryancole
    Best Album Ive bought in 2017 and that FACTS!..the end

  • New music

    By Beth
    I love this album! Needed new music and this is something I can listen to all day and not get tired of it!! The soundtrack to my life haha

  • Beautiful Album!

    By Oceans22
    No NO MUMBLIN FOOLS repeating the same word! Real R&B, not just "beats".