Greatest Hits - Al Green

Greatest Hits

Al Green

Genre: R&B/Soul
Released: 1975-05-29
Songs: 10
Greatest Hits - Al Green
Title Artist Length
1 Al Green 2:43
2 Al Green 3:03
3 Al Green 3:14
4 Al Green 4:14
5 Al Green 5:03
6 Al Green 3:18
7 Al Green 3:52
8 Al Green 3:19
9 Al Green 3:06
10 Al Green 3:23
  • Al Greene crossed the line.

    By other movlas
    AL Greene crossed the color line back in the 70's. His music transcended the racial lines that had been in place for way too long. In my highschool days I can clearly remember listening to him on double dates in the back seat of my buddy's Ford Mustang... "Here I am baby". This is what real music was, and how it should be today. Rappers, are you listening???

  • Classic funk and soul is all you need to know

    By NightRelic1
    I have to admit, I picked this up on vinyl with the idea of flipping it. But after I sampled some of these tunes here, this is definitely a keeper. You will definitely recognize these songs. I remember some of them from when I was very young and I guess an earlier generation would consider these essential. I can hardly believe I never owned this before now. If you're into that old funk and soul stuff, you need this.